Why Use a Remote Online Notarization (RON) Service?

Why Use A Remote Online Notarization RON Service NotarYfix

Are you looking to make notarizing documents in your office easier? The traditional process of notarizing documents is usually long and tedious and requires signers and notaries to be physically present in front of each other.

Remote online notarization has become an excellent tool for law firms, public notaries, and clients requiring documents notarized. This new notarization method leverages the power of technology to provide a faster and more accurate way to execute legally acceptable documents.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can take advantage of a remote online notarization platform like NotaryFix to offer your clients quick and efficient document signings by answering the following questions:

  • What’s a remote online notarization platform?
  • What are the different types of RON?
  • What are the benefits of using an independent RON?
  • What should I look for in a remote online notarization provider?
  • What makes NotaryFix the best RON for corporate entities?

What’s A Remote Online Notarization (RON) Platform?

A remote online notarization platform lets you virtually connect with your clients and offer them notarization services. You can confirm the client’s identity and witness them signing the requisite documents via an audio-video connection on the platform.

Remote online notarization has become widely accepted in the United States of America. So far, 40 states have passed permanent laws allowing remote online notarizations. Though other states are yet to pass permanent legislation, about seven other states have instituted some emergency actions that legally allow for remote online notarization of documents. 

What Are the Different Types of RON Providers?

The different types of remote online notarization services include:

  • Independent remote online notarization providers
  • Contract or third-party remote online notarization providers

Independent Remote Online Notarization Providers

An independent RON acts as an additional tool in your law practice that allows you to remotely perform the full range of notary acts for your clients. An independent RON works best for law firms and notary publics with in-house clients requiring document notarization. Independent RON service providers offer their platform through a software as a service (SaaS) model.  They do not have in-house notaries to notarize documents but provide the tools to do it yourself.

Third-party Remote Online Notarization Providers

Third-party RON platforms are also known as contract RON platforms. These remote online notarization providers contract online notaries to perform notary acts on the platform. These online notaries are then the ones who handle the notarization processes with the signers. This means that the signing process is sourced to a third party and is outside the attorney’s control.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Independent RON?

An independent RON service provider allows you to:

  • Provide your clients with a virtual signing and notarization process.
  • Keep your client’s information and documents safe from third parties.
  • Avoid mistakes in the notarization of documents by third parties.
  • Manage your notary transactions from a central platform. 
  • Integrate your RON service with other document processing tools in the office workflow.

What Should You Look for in a RON Service Provider?

An excellent remote online notarization platform should have the following key features:

Live Audio-visual Communication: 

This feature enables legally acceptable virtual communication between you and your clients where you can see and hear each other.

Recording of Sessions

This feature allows you to create and retain a live record of the notary act as required by law.

Two-factor ID Authentication

This feature lets you confirm the identity of the individuals signing a  document to avoid fraud.

Storage of Documents and Meeting Sessions

A good RON platform should have cloud storage for client documents and meeting sessions. It should also encrypt these documents while in transit and during storage to ensure confidentiality between you and your clients.

Audit Trail

An audit trail in a RON platform provides a trackable map to confirm the online notarization process. It indicates the communication dates and times between you and your client; all details are contained in the notarized documents.


A worthy remote online notarization provider should have a reliable system that safeguards every aspect of your notarial acts.

Compliance With Your State’s Notary Laws

The notary laws in the United States of America differ from state to state. Ensure that the platform you choose complies fully with the laws of the state/s where you practice. 

What Makes NotaryFix the Best RON Platform for Corporate Entities?

NotaryFix is an independent remote online notarization service provider you can use in an office setting. It allows you to choose between three plans which offer you all the tools you need to perform your notary acts virtually within the law. These plans provide you with the following:

Basic Plan

This plan gives you access to one virtual room for one notary (user). It includes one signer and three notary stamps per session. You can also have extra signers, witnesses, and stamps for additional fees.

Plus Plan

The Plus Plan offers you one virtual room per session like the Basic plan. It, however, gives you access to three users per license, allowing three of your notaries to execute notarizations for your clients.

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan allows you to assign an unlimited number of users (notaries). It also offers you two virtual rooms to conduct your notary acts. It includes three signers per session and allows you to utilize an unlimited number of stamps.

All NotaryFix plans allow you to:

  1. Meet with your clients through a live audio-visual interface.
  2. Give your clients complete onboarding and web support throughout the notarization process.
  3. Issue your clients with documents containing audit trails after every successful notarization session. A security certificate is also affixed to every document so that any subsequent changes after it has been notarized are visible.
  4. Offer your clients electronic signature options.
  5. Schedule your notarization appointments in advance and send out reminders to clients well in advance.
  6. Give your clients access to signed and stamped documents in PDF format for printing and storage.
  7. Store your client’s information and documents in encrypted form on secure cloud storage.
  8. Keep a notary journal to assist you in referencing your notary acts if and when required.


The NotaryFix RON platform comes with no sign-up costs, making it easy for you to onboard your notaries and centralize your notarization transactions on one platform. It also speeds up the notarization process to minutes, saving time and money while giving your clients a more advanced service. Revolutionize your notarization by acquiring a NotaryFix license for your business today.

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