Why More Florida Attorneys are Implementing Remote Online Notarizations

Why More Florida Attorneys are Implementing Remote Online Notarizations

Can you imagine assisting multiple clients throughout the state of Florida to notarize their documents without leaving your office? Not only that, you can record every notarization session and securely store your documents without endless paperwork. Remote Online Notarization (RON) helps you to achieve these benefits effortlessly.  

A remote online notarization platform enables attorneys to schedule, authenticate, notarize documents and access them anytime and anywhere. As a result, more Florida attorneys are implementing RON using providers such as NotaryFix

Florida revised its notary public law on January 1, 2020, approving interactive audio-video conferences as a personal appearance option when using certified Florida online notary vendors.  

The established Florida online notary law means that a notarial act may be performed using electronic means. The signer appears before a notary public via audio-video communication and electronically signs a document. Once the online notary public affixes their seal, the electronic document is considered notarized without having an in-person meeting.  

Florida attorneys, whether they are online notaries or the notaries on their staff, can take advantage of this new law, regardless of what field of law they practice. Today, we will discuss these rewards and tell you why attorneys such as those who practice family law, immigration, and insurance cannot afford to miss out on the convenience of using a remote online notary platform. 

Customization and Features

An excellent RON platform contains features that enable Florida attorneys/notaries to perform their tasks more efficiently than traditional methods. These features include:

  • Exclusively meet virtually to review, sign, and notarize documents: This feature enables you to accomplish more in less time, improving your overall performance and income margins.  
  • Ability to schedule calendar sessions: A Remote Online Notarization platform ensures all appointments are promptly scheduled. It prevents double booking or missing an appointment because the platform shows you the booked sessions on one screen.
  • Meet with more than one signer and several witnesses simultaneously: This feature saves time for your and your clients as they do not need to be in the same room—when the notary session involves several people.
  • Immediate access to documents and notary session videos: The risk of losing or mixing up documents while in transit is dealt with by an efficient RON platform. Once you notarize documents, they are saved in the system, and you can access them instantly. Additionally, the notary session videos are also available anytime for review purposes. 
  • Choose the package that meets your needs: For example, NotaryFix has three plans to meet different clients’ needs. In addition, we have a custom plan for clients who require a specific need met. 

Easy to Use and Convenient 

Navigating your way through a remote online notarization platform is easy; it only takes minutes to conduct the notarization process. For instance, you can take 7–10 mins to complete a session with a client on the NotaryFix RON platform through an easy 4-step process.

The convenience of notarizing documents remotely makes the process effortless. The days of traveling long distances or having to wait for a document to finalize a transaction are over if you start signing and notarizing electronically.  

With the recent pandemic still raising concerns about in-person meetings, RON has enabled legal firms using these platforms to flourish. They can serve their previous clients and gain new ones due to the convenience of minimal person-to-person contact. 

Provide Advanced Security

By using NotaryFix, the documents you are notarizing are more secure than the physical version. Signers are protected from identity fraud by providing digital certificates and identity proofing. These steps help to ensure that the clients you are interacting with are who they hold themselves out to be. 

The traditional method of verifying identity was that the client needed to produce a valid identification card before giving them the documents to sign. Similarly, the online verification process requires the client to upload their I.D for approval. Once approved, they will be asked to answer Knowledge-Based Questions (KBA). Only upon successfully passing both parts can the signer join the notarization session.

As a Florida attorney, you should ensure that the RON service provider you choose records all of the sessions to safeguard your client’s interests in case of a dispute where the signing process has to be verified.

Ready to Implement RON with NotaryFix? 

Take your law firm to a superior level by adding remote online notarization services. Your clients will enjoy the convenience, and you will experience more efficiency in your operations and an additional revenue stream. The NotaryFix remote online notarization platform was created by attorneys for attorneys. We provide a safe and professional way of communicating with your clients to meet virtually, sign, and electronically notarize documents. Schedule a demo today and experience how RON can impact your firm’s future. 

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