NotaryFix and the Importance of Optimizing Time

NotaryFix and the importance of optimizing time

Years ago, since our modern society’s obsession with doing more and never stop began, time management became more fundamental. Constant production and being busy at all times seemed to define the daily life of any professional. However, one of the lessons that the pandemic has taught us, in those quiet moments, is that learning to optimize our time is becoming more and more essential, allowing us to dedicate ourselves to another type of daily activity. Thus, today we hear of the importance of having moments for resting, talking, meditating, reading, having fun, sharing with the family, and even doing nothing.

Considering the value of time and the importance of improving its optimization for its subsequent use, NotaryFix becomes an alternative that allows lawyers and their clients to save time in notarization processes to later invest it in the different personal and work needs of each. Therefore, by perfecting time management, operations become more effective.

Through our platform, NotaryFix helps facilitate the way people optimize their workdays. Here, the idea is not to work less, but to do more things in less time, and in a more productive way. These will lead to us being more efficient, achieving objectives more quickly, gaining a better professional reputation, reducing stress, fighting procrastination, and improving our quality of life, both at home and at the workplace.  

We know that if there is a group of professionals always busy, it’s precisely lawyers, who frequently cry out for 30-hour days to be able to execute all pending tasks. Our processes, then, by saving time, allows us to manage time workload more effectively.

Time management refers to how we organize and plan how much time we invest in specific activities. Spending more hours in front of the computer does not mean we are more efficient or productive. That is why, it is necessary to support professional such as those in the legal field enabling platforms as NotaryFix: that, regardless of the time or day of the week, allow for the notarization of documents without the need for travel, crowds, or wait time.

A platform designed by lawyers for lawyers

Time is money in the legal world. Each client process has its cost in terms of time and money. Optimizing the entire service allows for more effective case and time management, maximizing the amount of clients the operations team can handle. NotaryFix is for lawyers who want to stay up-to-date when using technology to manage their client’s processes in the least amount of time possible and with total security.

We provide the possibility of having the notarization processes done in minutes, without any wait and just a click away. The lawyers who use our platform seek to have the autonomy (no to depend on third parties to expedite the processes of their offices) and to attain a reduction of hours in document management, which translates into saving time and, likewise, saving money.

By hiring a lawyer that uses our platform, a client can expect expedited processes that are not time consuming. For the lawyers using NotaryFix, their notarization processes are more agile and secure. NotaryFix is a synonym for time saving.

Remember that NotaryFix is a platform where attorneys can virtually meet with their clients in an audio-visual recorded session to review, sign and electronically notarize documents in minute.


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