Is It Possible to Alter a Digital Document?

Is it possible to alter a digital document 2

Is a notarized digital document just as valid as paper? It may not be easy to change the mindset around the traditional use of paper and the legal validity of a digital document, nor is it easy for those of us who advocate for this change. However, this must be done, as the advantages in favor of new technologies are too many. Evolving concepts such as electronic vs. wet signatures, paper, and electronic documents are worth exploring. It is of the utmost importance to understand that a digital document can be as legally binding as a physical one.

The alteration of a digital document is the modification, perhaps without authorization, of a document. Platforms such as NotaryFix contribute to securing transactions by providing an audit trail that evidences the tampering of an electronic document. By reviewing the audit trail, changes made to the document will be notated in the details of the trail. Documents electronically executed and notarized through the NotaryFix platform also contain a digital certificate that can be used to validate the authenticity of the signature.  

NotaryFix’s Contribution to Security and Legality

Electronically executing and notarizing documents can contribute to the security and tranquility of your legal transactions. Notarizing your documents through the NotaryFix platform will allow you to add value to your services and business by improving the efficiency of your operations while guaranteeing security.

Our platform creates codes based on cryptographic algorithms that become part of the document, giving them a unique alphanumeric chain. If there is a change, no matter how small, this chain would be altered, resulting in a completely dissimilar sequence that would expose the fact. If you are dealing with documents that do not need to be notarized through our platform, it is important to shield them so that it is not possible to modify them using security tools.

Is it possible to alter a digital document

Security as a Fundamental Tool

One of our main working tools when avoiding unauthorized alteration of a document is the digital signature. It allows you to easily identify the author and check whether it was altered or not.

This signature is backed by a set of requirements controlled by qualified certifiers or registry authorities, as well as by state-of-the-art technology that can prevent a forgery attempt. The characteristics of the documents produced by our platform make it easy to know if any changes have been made to the document.

If you want to know whether a digital document has been altered when it reaches you, the answer is NotaryFix. Our platform avoids having to ask yourself such questions because it is designed to evidence alterations on any document electronically notarized in our platform by always advancing digital security.

Ask us about the competitive advantages of our platform and the services we offer, which are ideal for optimizing the work of those lawyers who perform regular notarizations in the course of their legal practices.

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