How to Become a Remote Online Notary in Florida?

¿How to become a remote online notary in Florida?

Notarizations have gone virtual. For several years now, even before the pandemic began, notaries in a growing number of states have been able to electronically notarize documents. NotaryFix has become a fundamental tool, both for notaries and lawyers, by using technology as an ally in favor of their clients, allowing better time management and helping to protect the environment (by saving paper and avoiding transportation).

If you are not yet part of the notarial change and its evolution towards virtuality, a much-needed issue amid the times we face today, we explain how you can do it very easily. 

Please follow the steps below to become an online notary public in Florida.

Keep in mind that you must already serve as a traditional notary public to become certified as a remote online notary.

Complete a Remote Online Notarization (RON) course, designed to understand the rules and regulations in force. This process requires the passing of a final exam and receive a certificate of completion that must be attached to your registration application.

  1. In the following link from The Florida Department of State, you will find the authorized courses in Florida:
  1. In addition to the online training course at RON, you will need a $25,000 notary bond and a $25,000 errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. Typically, you can obtain both with the same company you had the insurance as a traditional notary.
  2. This is where NotaryFix comes in, as it is time to choose a state-approved Remote Online Notarization (RON) provider. Contact us to advise you on digital certificates and electronic seals.
  3. Once you meet all of the requirements mentioned above, you may register as a remote online notary in Florida at the following link:

You will need the following information before applying:

  1. Certificate of completion of the RON training. 
  2. Notary bond policy and errors and omissions insurance. 
  3. Select your RON service provider. At NotaryFix, we will be happy to guide you in your notarial modernization process. 
  4. Payment of the registration fee for USD 10.

Incorporating online remote notarizations into your list of services is a great way to expand your business and stay ahead of market trends. As a remote online notary, you will have the possibility to access the benefits offered by NotaryFix, allowing you to notarize documents in minutes, with no wait time, giving you a substantial competitive advantage in today’s world. Now more than ever, providing virtual services is fundamental to the success of any business, more securely and while saving time and money.

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