Basic Differences Between Traditional Notarization and Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Basic Differences between Traditional Notarization and Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Digitalization has enabled us to dream about being more competitive and then to see that dream come true in the integration of a community on the go 24/7. Companies and people alike are now able to widen their operational range through technology to speed up and improve processes.

From the countless possibilities provided by new technologies, NotaryFix stands as a technological initiative, improved on daily basis, that provides our clients the best possible experience, turning their choice into a winning one.

We are experts in everything related Remote Online Notarization (RON); therefore, we can provide every attorney the advantages remote online notarization has over a traditional notarization.

A Public Notary is an authority appointed by the State to act as a lawful witness of a signature in a document, one of her main duties being to deter and avoid fraud. Public Notaries are usually found in attorneys’ offices, banks, etc. There are also Mobile Notaries who travel to signers’ locations. However, a Public Notary and a Mobile Notary may be the same person because the only difference they have is that the former works in an office and the latter travels.

On the other hand, there are Online Notaries, who are Public Notaries who provide added value by offering the same service but through what is known as Remote Online Notarization (RON).

For an electronic or remote online notarization, done in the NotaryFix platform, the parties do not have to be in the same room. They join an audiovisual meeting led by the Notary and sign the required documents electronically while the Public Notary stamps the document electronically as well.

What we do at NotaryFix

Remote Online Notarization (RON) is based on a Notary performing a real-time notarial act online. The parties do not have to be physically in the same place because our process takes place through a virtual meeting.

Our platform enables attorneys to assist their clients in signing their documents not physically present. We provide a technological service for attorneys to use it with their notaries and clients. One of the greatest NotaryFix advantages, is that our platform is available 24/7, convenient for people with different schedules.

Although NotaryFix does not employ notaries, our platform is available for law firms to use by their notaries and clients to sign documents more conveniently.

It must be highlighted that Remote Online Notarization (RON) has become popular due to mobility restrictions and health issues related to COVID-19. That is where NotaryFix becomes a great solution, by selling a license to a platform where parties can meet virtually and documents are notarized.

In brief, the advantages of remote online notarizations are undeniable for attorneys who regularly notarize documents in the course of their practices.  The process is simple: All parties meet virtually to review, sign and electronically notarize documents. The parties do not have to travel anywhere to be together, which adds great value to the attorneys’ services. Additionally, digital signatures and certificates ensure security and practicality.


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