The Future of Notarization is Here!

In the last few years, the laws relating to Remote Online Notarizations “RON” have been undergoing significant changes in the United States.

In light of these changes, a need arose for a platform attorneys could use to efficiently and securely complete notarizations of documents in their legal practices.

About us Notaryfix

Our Story

We surveyed the legal field to define the processes and challenges related to the notarization of documents. Our research illustrated that speeding up and innovating legal procedures was especially vital in legal practices, which currently has a critical face-to-face component, and as such, is extremely susceptible to massive delays in case management and client-form completion. Thus, NotaryFix was born, as a cutting-edge response to the most pressing needs of today’s legal professionals.

Our team is comprised of professionals highly trained in process managements, the law, and new digital technologies: